About Implacement Projects

About Implacement Projects

Implacement Projects evolved from an experienced reintegration company in Amsterdam into a well developed trainings- and education organization. We work for several municipalities, the UWV and private organizations. In 2002 we had our first collaboration with the municipalities of Amsterdam, in which we successfully worked towards reducing and preventing youth unemployment. One of our current collaborating projects that we developed and implemented is the project called TOV-project, a Language and Orientation Program for Refugees. For the past 15 years Implacement Projects has been implementing social projects. We gained experience in various projects that aim to improve participation and reintegration. We have knowledge of the needs and wishes of the target groups and are aware of their opportunities and pitfalls. At Implacement Projecten we work with skilled teachers, coaches and participation counselors. Our team consists of experienced professionals with various specializations that reinforce each other to optimize the programs. We share the common goal of improving participation opportunities of people.

A social enterprise

A social company

“Our goal at Implacement is to let people who, for whatever reason, do not fully participate in the Dutch society, discover their talents again. By uncovering opportunities, we offer our participants tools that increase their self-reliance. Through a short but intensive program, we teach permit holders in Amsterdam how to take their first steps towards an independent living. It is a wonderful feeling, when we have been able to make a difference for our participants at the end of the program. That is our greatest wealth.”

Nienke van Dongen, Projectmanager

our core values


We are aware of our social environment and our role within the social chain. We always consciously look at the possibilities and not at the impossibilities. This enables us to offer work adjusted to the costumers needs.


We are involved in our work and the people we provide guidance. We will always provide a listening ear and ensure we guide our customers in the right direction towards further development.


We have been successfully active for more than 14 years in guiding people with a distance to the labor market or people who are new to the Netherlands that needed help towards a bright and good future. This can only be done if both customers and clients see us as a reliable party.


We are result-oriented. Within the set time frame, we will do everything we can to achieve the desired result, both for the customer and for the client.


We like to work together and we are aware that we cannot do it alone. By building bridges and connections, we strengthen cooperation, resulting in a large-scale network that can be used by our customers. Together we are stronger!

Our expertise


The Netherlands is developing into a participation society. An active contribution is expected from every resident, either through paid employment, voluntary work or by following education. Implacement has decades of experience and a large network to train various target groups with a distance to the labor market (including “underprivileged” young people and the elderly, refugees / status holders and oldcomers). Through our trainings we help them with an internship, job experience place or (paid) workplace. We educate people in thinking about their own wishes and their unique talents and how to develop them into core qualities that can be effectively marketed. From these core qualities we train people in creating opportunities for themselves. Besides this, we support companies that implemented the Participation Law, by providing advice and applicable possibilities.


Implacement is the only company in the Netherlands that has implemented and developed the TOV program, a Language & Orientation Program for Refugees. Since 2013, Implacement has developed and conducted a large number of training courses for this specific target group. First of all, we developed trainings to assure there is a thorough signing of the Participation Declaration. Prior to this training, an personal intake is conducted with each permit holder to be able to adapt the course to there background and needs. The training elaborates on different subjects. Firstly, the course focusses on the Dutch values and norms, politics and Dutch traditions. Secondly, they are provided guidance in finding way in their municipality; the so-called "social map": where, for example, is the library and what can you do there, where can you learn the language and which organizations are there that can help you build an active and social life in your new living environment? Lastly, permit holders are also prepared for their role in society, they learn how health care is arranged and they are informed about the various possible ways of integration. Next to courses to prepare permit holders for signing the Participation Declaration, we have specific training courses on healthy integration, orientation on the labor market and courses focused on improving language skills.

Training and Education

Implacement offers divers trainings for improving participation on the labor market. Employees are offered trainings to improve their skills or if they want to retrain to increase / broaden their chances on the labor market. Implacement specializes in the reintegration of people with a distance to the labor market. We have achieved successes within every segment of this broad target group. People from the probation service have been transformed into actively contributing, accountable employees. For example young people are trained to be traffic controllers or warehouse employees. Providing training in the supervisory and security industry and hospitality are also part of our expertise. Next to this, Implacement assists interns in their training in various branches. We are a formal training partner of the UWV.

Jobcoaching, Re-integration

Implacement offers professional job coaching, in which our job coaches support the (potential) employee towards the desired performance of the (new) position. We support employees who return to their workplace after their illness in a reintegration process, which will speed up the return and prevent new dropouts. For long-term sick employees or employees who have been out of the labor market for a longer period of time and are looking for a job with a new employer, Implacement guides them through job coaching (and career coaching), whereby they learn to recognize their own qualities, gain (extra) knowledge and skills. Permit holders are also offered trainings on the characteristics of the typical Dutch labor market (the application procedure, time management, behavior on the work floor, etc.) and how to successfully anticipate this.

Social Return

The government requires companies that are awarded a contract with the municipality to spend a fixed percentage of the contract sum (usually 5%) on social return, which means providing learning / workplaces and training / education to the people targeted in the contract. Implacement has years of expertise to creatively train and guide the various target groups in the workplace. Thanks to our ability to recognize both someone's unique talent and personal learning points, which we have developed over the years, we can effectively inform, train and / or guide any company in achieving the highest efficiency. Implacement can beneficially organize your social return obligations..


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